On Saturday August 20th, 2016 Sacred Heart will compete in the 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival at the TCL Theater in Hollywood, CA.


In February Sacred Heart won the Audience Choice Award ath the HollyShorts Monthly Festival, which earned the film a slot in the annual festival.

The festival will be packed with amazing screenings, panels and workshops.


CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the Sacred Hear screening.

In September of 2016, Sacred Heart producer / actor Sol Aponte will have a homecoming screening of Sacred Heart at the first annual Newark International Film Festival.

Festivities will take place in Newark New Jersey and will be packed with amazing screenings and seminars.

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On Feb 25th, 2016 Sacred Heart screened at the monthly HollyShorts Film Festival at the TCL Theater in Hollywood, CA.


We were in competition with some pretty amazing films and we honored to win the Audience Choice Award and a few amazing prizes. The after party at the Hollywood Roosevelt's Spare Room took the evening to another level.


The film is now in competition at the 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival in August which will round out our Film Festival run.


"I loved EVERYTHING about Sacred Heart." - Lee Daniels


The 24th Annual Pan African Film Festival was jam packed with over a week of amazing film screenings and events. Sacred Heart screened to a packed house that included a few familiar faces including R&B Diva Monifah, Az Marie, Isaiah Washington, Lee Daniels and executive producer Jussie Smollett.

Sacred Heart at PAFF
PAFF Screening
Lee Daniels
John Singleton
PAFF Brunch at DGA
Jennia and Jussie
AZ Marie at Sacred Heart Screening
Lloyd Boston at PAFF
Sacred Heart PAFF after party
Jussie, Lee Daniels, Jennia

Gary Indiana is home to not only the Jacksons, but to actor, writer and director Jennia Fredrique as well. The hometown hero showcase her short film Sacred Heart and was awarded the festival's first ever Kelechukwu Brnfre Vanguard Award. Brnfre was one of Jennia's memtors who encouraged her to follow her dreams.


Sacred Heart's executive producer Jussie Smollett was on hand showing nothing but love to the fans from Gary.



Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart @ GIBFF
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart Q&A
Sacred Heart @ GIBFF
Jussie Smollett

On Thursday October 8th 2015, the radiance of ART | FASHION | FILM convened to shine a bright light on the Sacred Heart exhibit, premiering in Los Angeles for a monumental fashion week event.


Attendees experienced the embodiment of art, fashion and film through the unique lenses of our characters Nichel + Alexander with their art and fashion on display and a special screening of Sacred Heart.


The event took place at the magical Voila gallery on LaBrea Ave and was sponsored in part by: Perrier, Empower Cocktails and Sue Wong.



Los Angeles Fashion Week

Sacred Heart - Best Screenplay
LA New Wave International Film Fest
Best of Fest Award
Photos after the screening

Festival of Globe is San Francisco BayArea’s premier multi ethnic cross cultural extravaganza. The weeklong festival packages film arts, visual arts, performing arts and folk arts from around the globe into a lively and intense celebration of the richness and diversity of cultures.


We had the honor of screeing Sacred Heart at the amazing week long celebration of the 21st annual Festival of the Globe.

Festival of the Globe SV
Festival of the Globe
Festival of the Globe
Festival of the Globe - SV
Festival of the Globe - SV
Festival of the Globe - SV

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LA New Wave International Film Fest

Jennia Fredrique, Sol Aponte, Monique Coleman