Sacred Heart Movie Poster

GENRE: Romantic Dramedy

RUNTIME: 15 minutes

LOCATION: Paris, France



Bringing a highly entertaining blend of drama, comedy and sexual tension, this award winning film features a scorned woman who is desperate to try anything to save her marriage...including having an affair.


Beautiful Nichel Priam becomes disenchanted with her marriage to a successful art dealer in Chicago and escapes to Paris. On her first day there, Nichel writes about her determination to have an affair with “no moral consideration”. She explains to her therapist that her reason for going to Paris was to get even as she was convinced that her husband was cheating on her.


Nichel meets an intriguing man at a bar named Alexander and begins an uninhibited sexual and emotional affair with him, which prompts an intellectual and sensual awakening. She speaks candidly to her therapist about her need to be controlled and the satisfaction she gets from her escapism. Nichel and Alexander’s affair take them both down an unexpected road where they are forced to face their demons and explore the truth about love.




* Sacred Heart means Sacre Coeur in French. The film was shot in the historical Sacre Coeur area of Paris.

* In Greek mythology Paris was also known as Alexander, the name of Nichel's love interest.

* There is red in every scene of the film.

* Executive Producer Jussie Smollett came on board the moment he read the script.



Writer / Director


Jennia Fredrique attended Columbia University's School of Theater and has been a comedic acting power house for over a decade. As an actor she has held series regular and recurring roles on NBC, CW, ABC, BET, Centric and more.


Her face has sold millions of products world-wide as she has appeared on national commercial spots for Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Miller Lite, Jaguar and more.


Jennia also serves as editor in chief of Crown Life Magazine, an online lifestyle hub for all things fashion. In 2013 she made her directorial debut with viral video "First Kiss In Color". Sacred Heart is birthed out of Jennia's love for classic cinema, impeccable story telling, romance, fashion and Paris.


Executive Producer


Sol Aponte is a two-time Emmy Award Nominee for his achievements in sound. He has worked behind the scenes in television for 15 years where he practiced and developed the art of tv and film production as well as post-production.


In 2008 Sol began producing content for international territories including France and Africa. In 2012 Sol and his wife, Jennia Fredrique, independently produced international tv series "Beyond the Talent" where Jennia sits with the likes of Kevin Hart, Usher, T-Pain and a plethora  of other international artists.


With "Sacred Heart" Sol serves as co-director, executive producer and love interest to Nichel Priam, played by Jennia Fredrique.


Executive Producer


After reading the script for Sacred Heart, "EMPIRE" breakout star Jussie Smollett immediately came on board to see to it that this project got made.


An accomplished actor and singer, Jussie Smollett has been seen alongside Halle Berry and Danny Glover in Alex Haley’s “Queen.” He will be seen as British racecar driver Tariq Hamilton in the feature film “Born to Race: Fast Track.” Jussie has recorded with: Alicia Keys, Estelle, Timbaland and more.


Other feature film credits include “The Mighty Ducks” and Rob Reiner’s “North.” He also appeared in the telefilm “A Little Piece of Heaven,” opposite Cloris Leachman, and went on to star with his five real-life siblings in the network comedy “On Our Own.”


Supporting Actress


South African born Josette Eales recently moved to Los Angeles after a successful career in film and television. Most noted for her series regular role on South Africa's most critically acclaimed show, The Wild, she shot over 80 episodes of the popular drama series.


Eales is a seasoned theatre actress and spent 8 years working professionally in the theatre industry before beginning in TV and Film. She even spent time in the UK with the Royal Shakespeare Company after winning the Brett Goldin Bursary for acting.


In 2014 Josette co-starred in "Blended" with Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore.



In "Sacred Heart" Josette plays therapist and friend to sassy and smart Nichel Priam played by Jennia Fredrique.